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Memories Singing Group

"Music alone with sudden charms can bind the wand'ring sense and calm the troubled mind"
William Congreve - from 'Hymn to Harmony' - 1703

"Music is a natural memory aid" Mrs Glen Campbell - 2011 (Glen Campbell has Alzheimer's disease)


“Memories” is a group of volunteers who sing in nursing and residential homes, day care centres and organisations across Wirral for people with Alzheimer's Disease
and other forms of dementia, for stroke victims, for Wirral Society for the Blind and Partially Sighted, for Crossroads Carers' Association, for Age Concern and
for socially isolated elderly people.
It is medically proven that singing and rhythm are beneficial for dementia sufferers and we are

providing stimulation and interaction as well as entertainment.

We encourage the people we sing for to sing along with us and, if they wish,
to get up and move around or even dance with us. We do not call ourselves a 'choir' but a 'singing group' and we aim to keep our sessions relaxed and informal.

Some of our volunteers have disabilities and long term health issues themselves
but are getting pleasure, confidence and companionship from belonging
to the singing group. So the benefits are a two-way process.
It’s really very simple, it can work wonders and it is a very happy and rewarding activity.

  At present we are singing in an Age Concern day centre, a day centre and a residential facility run by the Lonsdale Trust, two Stroke Association day centres, two branches of WSBPS, a day centre run by Crossroads and several private residential homes. The venues are based in Birkenhead, Claughton, Upton, Pensby, Oxton, Hoylake, Moreton, Neston, Wallasey, Liscard and Puddington. We try not to turn down requests to sing but have to limit extra sessions to around once every three months.

We are fortunate enough to be accompanied by Kenny McGunigall, George Heymans and Eve Rogers who, between them, play guitar, banjo, mandolin, piano and keyboard. Sometimes we also have Paul playing with us.
Failing all else, we sing along to a backing tape!

We welcome more musicians and singers so
that we have a 'bank' of both.
Anyone who is interested please ring Angela on 0151 648 1988 –
there is no commitment – you just come to sessions as and when you can.
For information and dates of 2012 sessions
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Neil Caple, actor/director and Ceri Williams, musical director

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